Hi Everyone, welcome to the city of Dublin.

I am a professional and passionate guide who has been giving tours of Dublin since 2012 and I was very fortunate to find this Job. I have always been a talker and while doing my Masters a friend suggested tour guiding on the side. I fell in love with it instantly, a job where I get to talk and people want to listen was a dream come true so when I finished my education I had a choice to persue what I studied or do a job I loved? It was an easy choice and I have been guiding ever since.

I pride myself on the energy, passion and charisma I bring to all of my tours and I would love to share these attributes with you. I have given over a thousand tours of my City covering every topic you can imagine from History, Sights, Traditional sports, Vikings, The Famine, Independence to the recent IT boom and everything in between, so if there is something specific, unique or unusual that you’d like to learn about let me know before we meet and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into our tour.

My hobbies include Rugby, Chess, Painting and travel. I am very fortunate to have represented my country at chess through my life and I am currently the Irish International chess team captain so it is not just a hobby but a big part of my life. The sports and painting are interests I have but really are just side hobbies, if you are interested there are a few photos of a couple paintings I have done recently. I guess travel is one of the factors for why I got into this industry and to date I have visited over 40 countries and I plan to see many more. It is definitely something I am very passionate about as I believe the more we see and understand the world the better we understand each other, it has certainly shaped my personality.

So take a walk with me through the Cobbled streets of Dublin and learn about our folklore and story telling, embrace the Live music you can hear on our streets and pubs, as I share my passion of this city with you.

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