Cathal Sheahan

Cathal is very passionate about Irish culture and history and is honoured to guide you around the wonderful, interesting, beautiful, strange, and funny city that is Dublin. Cathal comes from a colourful background with an Arts degree in German, Philosophy and Archaeology, as well as a Masters in Film Studies.

Cathal has also worked and trained as a professional actor and tries to get his acting chops in action as often as he can throughout his tours. With the multitude of stories in every square metre of Dublin, he has his pick of dramatic tales to choose from.

He is very excited about showing you around this magnificent city and takes particular pleasure in telling you the darker sides of Dublin, including ghost stories and tales of a gory nature. Like all of the guides in Dublin Tour Guide, he is also found of blasting out an old Irish song on the odd occasion.

I did the "Nearly All" tour of Dublin/5 hour walking tour. Cathal was my guide and he was a fountain of knowledge. Every question I asked, he had an answer for. He gave a brief history of Ireland and tailored the tour to what I liked. Even though I have a history degree I just wanted to see his city. Cathal made it feel like we were old friends talking. The 5 hours go by so fast and you basically feel like you are hanging out with an old friend, there are certain things you just don't get to, but you still learn a wealth of knowledge.

James, Nov 2016

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