Frequently Asked Questions

Need some advice and help before booking your tour? Here you’ll find some questions that travellers often ask regarding: information on the tours, the booking process, and visiting Dublin.


Generally the pricing is per tour of up to 6 adults. For larger groups, a per person pricing applies.

In order to secure your tour booking, all payments must be made in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot ‘hold the date’ for you, especially for tours during high season and on cruise days.

In exceptional cases, when you are making a last-minute booking (less than 48 hours before the tour), we can consider cash payment instead.

By default, if you book a tour on our website you are offered to pay by credit card. All payments by credit card are processed by a third party, AnyRoad, therefore they will handle all your payment information. Please refer to their website for terms and conditions.

For customised tours, you can also pay by bank transfer – let us know and we will prepare an invoice for you.

For a private tour, there is no minimum (Dubliners have spotted me talking to myself!). I can, and often do, take one person, but the pricing has a minimum. It varies by each tour, but it reflects the duration and, therefore, the price per hour. My favourite tours are the small, intimate ones where I have a family, for example, but I do enjoy the bigger groups from time to time as it involves a more theatrical approach. I strongly advise against booking a tour and then adding more people, for example, from your cruise ship. The purpose of a private tour is to create a personalised experience for a group of friends/family who already know each other and their travel needs – this might be more complicated if you invite a group of strangers where everyone wants to do their own thing.

For groups (students, corporate), 25pax or fewer is ideal. If your group is more than 30pax, however, it is preferable for all parties that the group be split and an extra guide (one of our Dublin Tour Guides) supplied.


All our tours are private and tailored exclusively for your group. Why? Because every group is different. And we’ve done so many tours all over Dublin that you can put us anywhere and we’d show you something interesting. Think of the tour as a conversation rather than a script. If we were doing a scripted tour like so many, we’d lose enthusiasm for it after a while. So by making each tour unique, it becomes a challenge for us, and it keeps us enthusiastic and energetic about showing you the great city of Dublin.

No. Go away.

Actually, yes. Go away. Go here. There you’ll find tour descriptions which all include the sites visited during that specific tour.

If you are not sure now, we can change the plan on the day! The only constant of the tour is duration, and what you see on the website are templates. The route, sites, themes, topics, content is all customisable. If you already visited the National Museum or Book of Kells, we could replace it with the Little Museum of Dublin, which will give us a better feel of Dublin city as distinct from Dublin, the Irish capital. We could go to real local pubs with a literary/musical connection that will be pleasantly quiet during the day, or we could go to centrally-located pubs that have great music and atmosphere during the day. Take your pick.
For a cruise ship group who will only be in Dublin for one day, there are 2 itineraries we’d recommend: A. (Nearly!) All of Dublin in 5 hours – the best sites of Dublin including site entry (guided tour of National Museum or Book of Kells) B. A full day tour includes sites like the National Museum, Book of Kells, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and also escorts to/from the ship and transport to other attractions.
Rest stops are essential. We stop every 1.15 to 1.45 hours. They normally take the form of a meal stop or a coffee stop.


Luckily, we have done mobility tours before, which has involved many rest stops, opportunities to sit down, short routes, avoiding cobbles and steps as much as possible. If you have a scooter or wheelchair, we can definitely accommodate you. We do not personally drive from attractions as Dublin city is so compact that most attractions are very nearby and driving creates a less intimate, connected experience. However, should you need a driver, we can recommend someone for you.
No matter what the age group, the tour, and the demeanor of our guides will be tailored to suit you. So if your kids are 4-12, we’ll include some Irish stories (ya know, leprechauns and the other fairy folk!) Make no mistake that if you have teenagers, they will not only learn a great deal of Irish history, but have a lot of fun doing it. And no matter what their age group, the kids will be entertained, engaged, and challenged – our guides are young and enthusiastic, remember?
Yes. There are two ports in Dublin: Dublin Port and Dún Laoghaire [pronounce it ‘Dun-Leerey’] Port. We can arrange for an appropriately-sized taxi to pick you up at either ports. For Dublin Port, the guide must accompany the taxi so I will be there to greet you. For Dún Laoghaire Port, we can send a local taxi to meet you and bring you to our start point.
Don’t pack a lot in one day. Spend a night in Galway, especially when travelling as far away as Cork. What makes a city rich is its story and you will never know it just looking at the buildings, so we suggest you do a guided tour. Actually, don’t focus on cities. You will know Ireland better if you make detours to villages and if you drive on small roads (and get stuck in traffic because the sheep are blocking the road). We can also put you in touch with our partner guides who do chauffeured tours of Ireland.
Please have a working phone number through which the guide can contact you, but only in case of emergency or last minute changes.


Yes there is a statue of her. Well since you’ve asked, we could take a small detour on our tour so that we can visit Molly Malone. And if you’re lucky the guide might even sing her history for you.
In France, ‘cheese’ means so much than it does to the rest of us. Likewise, in Ireland, ‘pub’ can mean so many different types of public houses.

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