Garvan Rushe

As a boy, the bottomless history of Ireland and its spiralling mysteries enticed my spirit to search for what is deeper, what is beyond our senses. This was eventually to lead me studying Philosophy but not before that admiration/pride for my nations glories were nearly suffocated by eight years of increasingly unsurprisingly tragic history lessons/thought/tutelage.

From roughly the age of 9 until 18, Irish History class concerns its students with Ireland from the Norman Invasion of Ireland onwards. The blind patriotism and passion of a ten-year old changes to near-apathy as the ‘education’ completes. This I only realised when I became wholly present in 2005 during those inspiring lectures in Celtic Studies at Maynooth University. Finally an in-breath for the sunken foundations of history. I realised that the myths, legends, culture and life of old Gaelic Ireland were not fascinating, but essential. Essential to every person whose life is furnished in, and with, Ireland. I felt that most Irish people knew, somewhat unconsciously, that the modern Irish psyche lacked self-esteem. Few knew that what was termed ‘pride’, was merely a veneer. The substance has rotted away, slowing, but surely throughout the centuries; the core, empty.

So I knew that a solemn quest would be to somewhat restore that pride. To express to the general populace the pride and glory of Ireland’s pre-colonisation millennia would not be easy. I didn’t know where to begin. Perhaps, I should start with ears that were not only open, but welcoming. Those that travel Ireland because they know that there’s so much culture and mystery here. I would have to tell them the stories and the journey. Their open minds would be fascinated by the Ireland I feel, and that would grow to pride/love. They would bring it back home and pass it to friends, family and people they met there. And eventually, a ‘Saint Patrick’ would come back to Ireland, to put us on the right path. The Irish would then one day, once again, truly embrace their land and culture with the pride that was stolen from them.

In the 80s, I was a young teenager who knew Dublin like the back of her hand. Now just "slightly" older, I was returning to my beloved city after being away for far too long and I knew that I would need a little help finding my way. After reading his glowing reviews, I knew that Garvan was my man. As we walked, Garvan and I talked of poetry and history or in other words, he provided food for my soul. Upon the conclusion of the tour, I am once able to rule the streets once more.

Maureen, Chicago, Illinois, July 2016

Céad míle fáilte romhat!

“A hundred thousand welcomes to you!”

The fair city of Dublin is an UNESCO City of Literature, the home of famous musicians and unknown storytellers, of Irish freedom-fighters, and it’s also where all pubs are born!

From the GPO and Ireland’s long fight for independence to Merrion Sq and Dublin’s Georgian glory, from the Book of Kells and Ireland’s Golden Age to Christchurch Cathedral and Dublin’s Gothic Age, Dublin has so much to offer.

I am an experienced, energetic, passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide of Dublin City and have given over three hundred tours of Dublin to thousands of visitors. As well as being a certified tour guide, I have B. A. Int. in Medieval Irish and Celtic Studies, so I have the legends and the facts that guide books will never have.

As we walk the streets, I’ll recount the stories and the histories, sing the songs, recite the poems, deliver the jokes, and tell you the banter of this charming city. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who can match my styles and be passionate & emotional, dramatic & theatrical, interactive and funny and epic(!) all on the same tour!

So join me on a stroll through Dublin’s alleys, trod the same cobbled streets as Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and Bram Stoker, smell the hops from the Guinness Brewery, view the riverscape from Ha’Penny Bridge, and just live the atmosphere of this historic, dramatic and fascinating city.

And as the friendliest capital city in the world, you’re sure to establish some friendships here in Dublin.

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