Austin Rock 

Austin Rock 

Dublin Tour Guide, Austin Rock

Discover Dublin: A Guided Journey with Austin

Hi, I’m Austin, a Dublin native with roots dating back to the 18th century. Raised amidst the history-laden streets of the Northside, my family’s legacy as Monumental Sculptors and Masons fueled my love for Dublin’s rich tapestry. They didn’t shape Dublin; the city shaped them. My memories are playing on the streets and laneways and hearing the many stories associated with this great city’s history. 

Poetry, literature, drink, religion, music, mythology, language, and history all weave to shape us Dubliners and Irish. They give us a unique way of expressing who we are and make Dublin City what it is.

Although my career led me into graphic design in multinational firms, my heart remains devoted to history, mythology, and genealogy. So, a few years ago, I decided to take evening courses at UCD (University College Dublin) in Irish genealogy and History. It taught me to always look for the story in history and tell it!

As a Tour Guide, I’ve fulfilled a lifelong dream, merging my love for history with meeting people from around the world. I don’t want just to tell Dublin’s story, I want to hear yours! And I hope you might also like to know more about my story!

Beyond guiding, I enjoy music (ed.Garvan: Ask him about Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott’s party!), time with family and friends, and native Irish sports like Gaelic Football and Hurling. Yet, nothing compares to the joy of a Dublin pub, surrounded by loved ones, creating timeless memories.

Join me on a journey through Dublin’s tales, where every street has a story. Let’s explore them together!

  • Fantastic Haunted Pub tour with Austin!!

    For our private pub tour we chose a Haunted storytelling theme. Our guide provided us lots of interesting facts while exploring the dark history of some of Dublin’s most famous pubs.

    Austin was an incredible guide, knowledgeable and engaging. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and highly recommend him.

    Samantha W, May 2024


  • Great tour with Austin

    Austin was a fantastic guide for my wife and I. we had just arrived in Dublin and were quite jet-lagged. Austin picked us up at the hotel and was charming and super knowledgeable about Ireland’s history, the people, the wars, the culture and religious challenges dating back as far as the vikings.

    I loved his ability to navigate the many questions we threw at him over the 3 hour tour. We’ve done private tours around the world and I would recommend Austin to anyone who wants to know about Ireland, the Irish and the city of Dublin!

    Andrew L, May 2024


  • Walking tour of Dublin

    Our guide Austin Rock was a fantastic engaging tour guide in Dublin. He came prepared having looked up our last name and its possible connections to Ireland.

    He was full of stories (not all proven but interesting he admitted) lots of interesting facts about Dublin, churches, pubs, and its noteworthy past in history. Wonderful tour not to be missed.

    Sandee A, March 2024

  • Excellent tour guide of Dublin

    Austin Rock is awesome! We had a great walking tour of the city with him. Austin is very knowledgeable of the city and Country’s history.

    He did not rush us thru the city which was appreciated, bc my wife is not a fast walker. Definitely recommend Austin.

    Ryan M, January 2024


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