John Caffrey

Welcome to my city: Dublin.

I was born and raised on the Northside of Dublin, and have been active professionally as a tour guide since 2015. Not one for wasting time, I discovered tour guiding while awaiting the results of a couple of interviews for call centre management jobs. If life is what happens while you’re making other plans – then tour guiding is what happened to my career.

The fact that I prefer working outdoors – whatever the weather – probably owes something to my provenance from farming folk on Ireland’s rugged Western seaboard. In spite of these earthy origins, I can talk Irish Blarney in any of three languages (Russian, German and our own Gaelic) and have recently published an ebook on door to door sales training. I like to spice up my tour content with quirky and unusual items such as referencing the Viking Sagas (which mention Dublin a lot), the fact that Dublin once had its own time zone (did you know that?), and with a smattering of the local Liffeyside humour.

Tour guiding is one of the best decisions I ever made, and I just love the job. I like to think that it shows too, in the 400+ 5-star reviews which I have logged online to date, across numerous review websites.

Outside of my tour guiding schedule I’m an avid astronomy nerd, like to maintain a strict keep-fit routine and am a French cuisine aficionado.

What a wonderful day with John Caffrey - an exceptionally experienced tour guide with a ton of information to share on the city. We were a party of 4 ranging from 15-51 and John kept us all in suspense as we moved through Trinity College, national gallery, the Dáil (Irish Parliament), Powerscourt Centre, and side streets off the main thoroughfare. My personal favourite was seeing an Oscar and an Emmy. Can totally recommend John for an exceptionally interesting few hours learning about the Fair city. As a Dubliner myself who has been away for 20 years it was lovely to reacquaint myself with all that’s fabulous about it. My friends and family with us loved it as much.

R. McMaster, Feb ‘20
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