Saving Money in Dublin – For International Students 

Saving Money in Dublin – For International Students 

Published: February 14, 2015

Dublin is expensive. You’re a student. That’s a pretty unfortunate. 🙁

Don’t cry, not yet anyway. Help is at hand. The following tips and local wisdom will help you become an omniscient money-saving monster so you’ll waste less time worrying about expenditure and more time enjoying your time in Dublin to the fullest.

Saving Money in Dublin – For International Students

You can navigate the offers, deals and discounts of Dublin keeping in mind a few things. If you pass by a place you might visit in the future, take a note of the special offers (not only mentally, but put it in your calendar or something) they do, e.g.

“Coffee and pastry €4”

“Thursday’s Cocktail night – 2 for 1”

If you’re going to go in to the place and spend money because you’re famished, lost or hungover and don’t care about the deals right now, just remember to ask them:

“Do you have a loyalty card?”

Start collecting these suckers from everywhere – nearly all cafés have them and some pubs do as well. I keep all my regular ones in my back pocket (your wallet will bulge to bursting point if you stuff it with these cards). And if you go to a place and realise you don’t have your loyalty card, simply get another one. Add them together. If you’ve got only 1 or 2 coffees to buy on the loyalty and time is running out in Dublin (so soon!), take out a friend or two for coffee. They’ll think you’re extremely generous buying them coffee. Little do they know you’re only very generous. You didn’t pay for all of those coffees, you thief!

That’s the general behaviour to adopt. Now for the specifics…


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