Ireland is well-known and respected for her thirst. Unfortunately, this thirst has been seen through strangers’ eyes, without context. We Irish drink for social reasons. We drink to loosen up and have the craic. In principle, we drink because we get parched from all the talking we do!


Naturally, you’re thinking about pints after pints of black stuff. Porter. Stout. Guinness is practically synonymous with it. But that’s a whole story in itself. Don’t forget the reds, and even the blondes. But those are the potatoes, broccoli and carrots of the beer diet – simple, overused, and, generally, overcooked – in other words, not the most appetizing and exciting substance to have in front of your nose. So let’s go out for dinner!


The craft brewing revolution has been steadily growing since the mid-90s, and Ireland, with the financial and creative liberty that the Celtic Tiger provided, has maintained it’s traditionally strong beer reputation. With the worlds best ingredients, thanks to this, it’s hard to go wrong when brewing in Ireland. The Porterhouse Brewing Company (est.1996), for example, has consistently won ‘Best stout in the world’, whereas MacIvor’s medium dry cider has won the Silver Medal at the international cider competition. Never heard of THAT Irish cider? Then you might be familiar with Bulmers/Magners, right? Hmmm, well I wonder if that’s even a cider. To quote a batman friend of mine: when’s the last time you sqeezed an apple and

Download this calendar for the best of where to drink and when in Dublin.

Irish craft beer festival – double the beers.

Eating upscale

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