Advice: Souvenirs, Where to Get the Best Ones 

Advice: Souvenirs, Where to Get the Best Ones 

Published: January 14, 2022

There are quite a few shops in Dublin. If you’re like me, that can be a blessing or a curse (no more jackets, Garvan!!). But for those of you who will have precious little time in Dublin, you shouldn’t waste it looking at stuff you can buy back home.

So here’s the nearly complete list of some great Irish goods that make the best gifts for friends, family, and most importantly, you.

Clothes: What’s uniquely Irish: Tweeds, Sweaters, Bloomsday hats

Brands: Dubarry, Magee, That one Dad was talking about

Shops: Kilkenny, The Sweater Shop, Kowlin Irish Tweeds

Postcards/Pictures: Postcards – Maurice Fitzgerland, the People’s Art Gallery, Patrick St

Antiques/Jewellery: What’s uniquely Irish: Claddagh rings, Celtic designs, Francis St.

Little but of everything: Co-op market, The Grand Social market, Lucy’s, Temple Bar, Cows Lane studio – great hats for you, Irish-designed for someone back home, clothing, wooden bowls, perfectly Irish t-shirts – photo of me wearing the t-shirt & hat ‘just don’t get too excited and wear them all at once’. Mingle market – Camden St, Thomas Street indoor market.

Food: What’s uniquely Irish: Temple Bar food market: Irish hot cider, raw milk, REAL butter and yoghurts My housemate, BiaMaith, Cheesemongers, Irish supermarkets: Dunnes Stores, SuperValu

Drink: What’s uniquely Irish: Whiskey, poitin, stout, Celtic Whiskey Shop

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