Our Guides 

Our Guides 

At Dublin Tour Guide, we focus on personality over experience.

Our guiding experience can be acquired through training, but personality fit for Dublin Tour Guide is grown through years of personal development. The most important aspect of Dublin Tour Guide is finding guides that share the same ethos our company was founded on – wanting to give people the greatest tour experience they’ve ever had.

Our Guides

Dublin Tour Guide offers the highest quality tours of Dublin.

We specialise in private walking tours for discerning travellers

What make our tour guides different?

Dublin Tour Guide1. Energy

The reason why people say (about our Nearly All of Dublin in 5 hours tour) that “5 hours just flies by” is because we know how to keep you energised and engaged throughout your tour, regardless of how long it is. Our tours normally involve strategically placed breaks so that you (and the guide) can re-charge. Most significantly, because of our understanding of energy cycles, our tours are perfect to shake off jet lag. So if you’re scheduled to arrive into Dublin after a red-eye flight, don’t let your first day in Ireland be a write-off. A tour is just the medicine to cure your jet-lag.

Dublin Tour Guide2. Passion

The reason why our guides become tour guides is because they are passionate and fascinated by Irish culture and history and have studied it extensively. The reason why they stay tour guides is because they love making a connection with the great people they meet and they become dedicated to our mission of striving to make the experience the best tour you’ll ever have!

Dublin Tour Guide3. Enthusiasm

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting excited about exploring a city only for the guide to start reciting information as if they say the same thing every day. Our guides do a different tour every single time because we customise the tour for you, e.g. starting at your hotel lobby. So they remain passionate about communicating the information.  The guides are also naturally extroverted so they become energised by talking to people.

Dublin Tour Guide4. Personality

Nobody wants to experience the vibrancy and multifaceted culture of a city with someone who has the personality of a history book. All of our guides have great personalities….

Although we can do tours for academics, our approach to doing tours is that personality and intelligence of the guide should be at the forefront.

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Designed according to your needs, our tours are aimed at providing a private Dublin experience to you and your travel companions.

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Dublin Tour Guide

I asked each of the children what was their favorite part of the week in Ireland and one quickly responded it was the walking tour in Dublin with Carl! I could not recommend this tour enough!!!

Chris B, New York, July 2018

Dublin Tour Guide
Dublin Tour Guide

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