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At Dublin Tour Guide, we focus on personality over experience. Tour guiding experience can be acquired through training, but personality fit for Dublin Tour Guide is grown through years of personal development. The most important aspect of Dublin Tour Guide is finding guides that share the same ethos our company was founded on – wanting to give people the greatest tour experience they’ve ever had.


Most tour guides are very knowledgeable, and most of those are professional. However, only a small number of guides have the energy, enthusiasm, passion and personality that are required to deliver truly inspirational tours. We’re are pretty sure that, by the end of the tour, a life-long admiration and tenderness for Ireland will start to grow within you.

Hiring a seasoned guide is what most companies would do. We, however, believe that it takes a guide with the right mix of personality, professionalism, knowledge and passion to deliver a truly outstanding and memorable experience.

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Carl W. Buehner​


Originally hailing from Co. Donegal (National Geographic’s ‘Coolest place on the planet 2017’), Garvan is a passionate historian, thespian, linguist, rocker and beer-drinker. Many kids say they want to grow up to be a fireman or astronaut, but, at the simple age of 6 Garvan said to himself “I think I’d like to be a poet” as he began the second line of a crambo on his mother’s durable typewriter.

Since then the isolation and uniqueness of his internal world in his hometown of Donegal in Ireland – and of Ireland in Europe and the world – has been a constant fascination to him.

He’s always believed in the supremacy of humour in lightening the load on everyone’s shoulders. So admiring the curious, spontaneous hilarity in everyday life is part of his philosophy together with the wonder of song – he’ll sing anything anytime anywhere. Just ask him! He’d be too delighted. You’ll be in his heart forever if you invite him to karaoke!


Cathal is very passionate about Irish culture and history and is honoured to guide you around the wonderful, interesting, beautiful, strange, and funny city that is Dublin. Cathal comes from a colourful background with an Arts degree in German, Philosophy and Archaeology, as well as a Masters in Film Studies.

Cathal has worked and trained as a professional actor and tries to get his acting chops in action as often as he can throughout his tours. With the multitude of stories in every square metre of Dublin, he has his pick of dramatic tales to choose from. He is very excited about showing you around this magnificent city and takes particular pleasure in telling you the darker sides of Dublin, including ghost stories and tales of a gory nature.

Like all of the guides in Dublin Tour Guide, he is quite found of blasting out an old Irish song on the odd occasion.

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