“They may forget what you said…
but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Carl W. Buehner​


Dublin Tour Guide offers the highest quality tours of Dublin. We specialise in private walking tours for discerning travellers.

Designed according to your needs, our tours are aimed at providing a private Dublin experience to you and your travel companions that will exceed your expectations.

We emphasise the importance of making a personal connection with Ireland through a very personable guide. This is what distinguishes us from all other tour companies in Dublin.


Garvan Rushe, owner of the Dublin Tour GuideDublin Tour Guide was started in 2012 by Garvan Rushe to strive for something magnificent. Garvan wanted to give people the best tour they’ll ever have. Due to incredible success on TripAdvisor, there wasn’t enough Garvan to go around so he began a difficult search for tour guides who shared the same passion and values. 

We ONLY do private tours, which means that we have become the best in the country for listening to the expressed and unexpressed needs of travellers. 

You may not know what you want when you visit Dublin, but we do.

Today, Dublin Tour Guide works with only a handful of the very best guides in Dublin. They know what the difference is between a very good guide and an outstanding guide. They were initially chosen for their track record and then were trained directly by Garvan on how to exceed the travellers expectations.

Such high standards means that you won’t notice how hard the guides are working… You’ll only notice how good a time you’re having!

Trip Advisor, the best Dublin city tours

I asked each of the children what was their favorite part of the week in Ireland and one quickly responded it was the walking tour in Dublin with Carl! I could not recommend this tour enough!!!

Chris B, New York, July 2018

Bartle made our tour so special and personal. It was beyond words. We feel we have a new friend in Dublin.

Liz K, Florida, September 2019


Designed according to your needs, our tour is aimed at providing a private Dublin experience to you and your travel companions.


We don’t want to give you a good tour. 

We don’t even want to give you a great tour. 

We want to give you the best tour you’ll ever have.

Our sole focus has always been to ensure that you will have the best possible experience during your tour. The fact that 98% of our reviews are 5-star shows that we know what we’re doing and if you book a tour with us, you won’t regret it.

Garvan, Managing Director
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