Eating Out in Dublin 

Eating Out in Dublin 

Published: December 30, 2014

Ireland’s rainy climate (I’m sorry, ‘cool temperate climate’) creates the ideal situation for great food. Rain feeds the grass, the grass feeds the livestock, and the livestock feed us. The healthy green grass makes for the highest quality of beef and lamb as well as milk, cheese etc.

Grass-fed beef and lamb

Being the neatly compact city that it is, Dublin seems to have no shortage of restaurants. If you’re wandering through the streets searching for one, you’ll find a place to eat, no problem. But will the quality and value be there? I wouldn’t take the risk. Here I’ve compiled a list of some great Dublin eateries. Naturally their price range is noted, but more importantly their value is commented on.

BUDGET: BÓBÓs, Gerry’s Irish breakfast, Being

EATING UPSCALE: Ain’t what it used to be in Dublin. The demand has decreased and unfortunately, it seems, so has the quality – it’s never the prices, eh! This is judging by a recent visit to Fade St. Social with a great chef-friend of mine. She said the menu was great in the second half of 2013 but was so disappointed by the current menu – principally the over-priced dishes – that she didn’t even bother eating. Having said that, there are several places to get great food in Dublin, but whether or not their quality has dipped instead of their prices is something you’ll have to risk yourself. Or you could borrow my friend.

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