Bulgaria – Private Guide Bulgaria 

Bulgaria – Private Guide Bulgaria 

Your private tour guide in Bulgaria.

Specialist in designing and managing tours in Bulgaria and throughout other countries in the Balkans.

Private Guide Bulgaria

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Adriana Vassilkova

  • Connection

    I was planning to trip to visit Dragan, our long-time bookings assistant (up until COVID struck!), and we decided to explore North Macedonia, mainly, but also planned a trip to Sofia in Bulgaria. What I like to do when I travel is to reach out to companies just like ours – small company, passionate team, specialising in private tours, and, most importantly, a proven track record of exceeding expectations. For Bulgaria, ‘Private Guide Bulgaria’ stood out, and we were delighted to hear that the owner, Adriana Vassilkova would be our guide! Dragan and I enjoyed a fantastic private tour of the city. I ask A LOT of questions, mainly because of my grasp of European history, but it also helps me understand the mentality, spirit and personality of the Bulgarian people over the centuries. Adriana easily answered them all. 

    After the tour, we enjoyed some local specialities in a bar with a great view over the city. Then it turned into a long night! 

    We’ve stayed in touch since then and have spoken several times as both peers and friends.

  • Why I love what she's doing

    Adriana has a similar character to me. She has this bright enthusiasm and energy which shows you that she loves what she does… and she VERY good at it. Adriana has a great relationship with her guides and really takes care of them. She is always trying to offer more to her clients. Her stamina is impressive.

  • Tour to recommend

    Sofia City Tour (5-6 Hours) – You know, I don’t think it’s worth your while doing a 2-3 sightseeing tour of a city. It’s just not enough time! I personally prefer to do our 5hr ‘Nearly’ tour than our 3hr ‘Fantastic’ tour because you can not only get a better feeling for the city, but you can properly connect and spend quality time with the guide, as opposed to simply ‘ticking off the list’ like with a shorter tour. And believe me, you want to spend as much time as you can with Adriana!

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“Private Guide Bulgaria is the best travel agency in Bulgaria by far. Mrs. Adriana did her best to organize the trip around Bulgaria we’ll treasure for our lifetime. She is always ready to fully meet the criteria of the most demanding travelers. Our guide was Mr. Kiril and he was amazing in every sense of the word, hands down. A walking encyclopedia of both Bulgarian and European art and history, he’s also one of the nicest people we’ve ever met. Therefore, we highly recommend Private Guide Bulgaria.”

Oct ‘21

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