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Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson

Dublin Tour Guide, Carl

Hi Everyone, welcome to the city of Dublin.

I am a professional and passionate guide who has been giving tours of Dublin since 2012 and I was very fortunate to find this Job. I have always been a talker and while doing my Masters a friend suggested tour guiding on the side. I fell in love with it instantly, a job where I get to talk and people want to listen was a dream come true so when I finished my education I had a choice to persue what I studied or do a job I loved? It was an easy choice and I have been guiding ever since.

I pride myself on the energy, passion and charisma I bring to all of my tours and I would love to share these attributes with you. I have given over a thousand tours of my City covering every topic you can imagine from History, Sights, Traditional sports, Vikings, The Famine, Independence to the recent IT boom and everything in between, so if there is something specific, unique or unusual that you’d like to learn about let me know before we meet and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into our tour.

My hobbies include Rugby, Chess, Painting and travel. I am very fortunate to have represented my country at chess through my life and I am currently the Irish International chess team captain so it is not just a hobby but a big part of my life. The sports and painting are interests I have but really are just side hobbies, if you are interested there are a few photos of a couple paintings I have done recently. I guess travel is one of the factors for why I got into this industry and to date I have visited over 40 countries and I plan to see many more. It is definitely something I am very passionate about as I believe the more we see and understand the world the better we understand each other, it has certainly shaped my personality.

So take a walk with me through the Cobbled streets of Dublin and learn about our folklore and story telling, embrace the Live music you can hear on our streets and pubs, as I share my passion of this city with you.

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  • “Our guide, Carl, really made our experience of Dublin come alive; he was incredibly well informed and passionate regarding the history of Ireland. Carl was also very flexible on the day of our tour – he did a bit of mix and match, according to what we were especially interested to see/hear about.”

    Jennie, November 21

  • “We had one day in Dublin during our British Isles cruise aboard the Disney Wonder. We had prearranged for a tour with Dublin Tour Guide that included a taxi to meet our guide. The taxi never showed up but our guide, Carl, was awesome. We had exchanged numbers beforehand and were able to reach each other and meet at the cruise shuttle stop and he refunded our money for the taxi that never came. He sat us down in the park and gave us a quick but necessary history lesson about Dublin and Ireland and some background that would illuminate what we would see that day. We walked through a good amount of the town and some of my favorite highlights were the mythology mural, Trinity College (and the Book of Kells), and Dublin Castle. We also walked past many things I would like to see next time we visit Dublin! Carl answered every question we threw at him and provided a perspective that we could not have found on our own, walking through the city. Thank you so much!!”

    Artemis, December 2019

  • “Carl, our tour guide was friendly and punctual—greeting us at our hotel lobby on our first full day in Dublin. We always desire more than just a sightseeing tour and Carl did not disappoint. He was very knowledgeable about the history of the city and of the Irish people. Our tour was for the morning hours and we covered a good bit of ground on foot yet he was mindful of our collective limits of endurance as seniors. As we finished up our tour Carl led us to a delightful less traveled pub preferred by the locals where we enjoyed a nice traditional Irish lunch. Thank you Carl for adding to our experience.”

    September 2019

  • “If you want a great time, learn about Dublin, it’s history and culture then Dublin Tour Guide – Private Tours is your best choice! Our tour with Carl was both exciting and informative. He met us at our hotel, and we spent the next 2 days learning as much as we could about Ireland. We had a fantastic time and I would strongly recommend him if you go to Dublin! He has an impressive command of Ireland’s history, shared in a style that makes the material come alive. Thank you for a great tour and all the recommendations.”

    Veronica, October 2019

  • “I asked each of the children what was their favorite part of the week in Ireland and one quickly responded it was the walking tour in Dublin with Carl! I could not recommend this tour enough!!!”

    Chris, New York, July 2018

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