Walking Tours 

Walking Tours 

Specialists in private walking tours of Dublin.

Designed according to your needs, our tours are aimed at providing a private Dublin experience to you and your travel companions that will exceed your expectations.

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  • Why Dublin Tour Guide? / How our tours are different

    There are 3 main points that distinguish us from other operators: Quality, Our Guides, and Connection.

    Quality over quantity: We believe that the smaller your group, the better the tour experience as you’ll have the flexibility to cusotmise the tour to suit your needs. Even though we could, we don’t offer a lot of tours. Rather than 30 mediocre tours, we host only a handful of carefully crafted walking tours. Many tour companies, by contrast, try to be the ‘jack of all trades’ and end up ‘the master of none’.

    Our Guides: We don’t just hire a guide because they’re trained and experienced. We carefully select and train guides who demonstrate the right mix of personality, intelligence, communication skills and professionalism. Knowledge can always be learned, whereas personality is innate. Our guides are naturally warm, endearing, charismatic, great listeners and communicators as well as empathetic to the particular perspective and needs of the group at a macro and micro level.

    Connection: We emphasise the importance of making a personal connection with Ireland through a very personable guide. We don’t focus on the black & white of history. We don’t blabber on endlessly with superfluous information. You don’t need to know the architect of a building (though our guides do), but you do need to know what that building means to the people. A city without its people is called a ruin. We focus on informing you about how people feel about a building, what it means to them today and what it meant to them in the past.

    More importantly, you’ll feel what the guide feels as the personification of the Irish nation. The guide actually wants to make an authentic personal connection with you. And you’ll see this during your tour.

  • Why Private Tours? / We only do private tours

    Many tour providers offer the option to do a private tour as an afterthought to their principal focus of public or big group tours. Dublin Tour Guide, on the other hand, exclusively offers private tours and prefers smaller group tours. This means that we are specialised in private tours and have become the experts in Dublin. Guides that do public tours are used to talking and giving a presentation whereas our guides are used to engaging in conversation that naturally develops. What’s more, our guides have a lot of experience in listening to people. This means that they are adept at customising a tour based on the interests, needs and wants of travellers.

    In this era of COVID, it is more important than ever to do a private tour. One reason is that it will just be you and your group and no strangers on the tour. So your fear is assuaged, presuming you know the contact history of your companions. Another reason is that since we only do private tours, our guides are far less likely to transmit the virus from one tour group to the next.

  • Why walking tours?

    Size: Dublin is not a big city. It’s not like London. You could walk from one end of the city centre to the other in 20 minutes. So the city is compact and most attractions are very nearby. This means that during our tours you will not be walking a lot.  It also helps that the city is quite flat, easy to navigate, not crowded, and easy to orientate yourself thanks to the east-west River Liffey.

    Carbon footprint: We proudly provide sustainable and carbon-neutral tours. We believe that it is irresponsible to use a vehicle to tour Dublin: Dublin city has far too much car traffic as it is; even for those with health and mobility issues a walking tour is practical – taking a car to each attraction is like driving down your driveway to collect your mail.

    The rare exception is if you want to visit the few attractions not located in the city centre such as Kilmainham Gaol, Glasnevin Cemetary and, to a lesser extent, the Guinness Storehouse. These can still be easily reached by taking one bus service from the centre. The Old Jameson Distillery is very close to a tram stop, making it even easier to get to.  If you still need a driver, we can recommend someone for you. Please contact us.

    Connection: Our tours are about connection. Being able to look into someone’s eyes when you talk is an important emotional aspect of communication. This is not possible whilst driving. So a driving tour is a much less intimate and connected experience.

    Furthermore, walking through the city with a guide allows you to soak up the unique energy and character of Dublin.

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