Bartle D'Arcy

Bartle D'Arcy, Dublin Tour Guide at Trinity

Question & Answer with Bartle

How did you become a tour guide?

I was managing a large Georgian Heritage Attraction in Westmeath and had to fill in as a tour guide on many occasions which I greatly enjoyed.

What, in your opinion, makes Dublin a special city compared to other cities in Europe and the world?

Melting pot of History from Viking to Norman, English to Irish the History of Ireland is contained in the City. Also a City of Revolution, the City that fought an Empire in 1916. Architecture intact from never being bombed from the air and great traditional Irish haunts off the Tourist Trail.

Who are your 3 favourite Dublin characters?

Pádraig Pearse, Bram Stoker and Dean Swift.

What is the 3 main feelings you want visitors to leave Ireland with?

Empathy, Curiosity and Satisfaction.

What do you think is the 1 main attraction in Dublin that visitors neglect the most?

Arbour Hill.

What’s your favourite demographic and why?

I enjoy Americans as they are keen to learn new things and develop a better understanding of Ireland.

We booked a 3 hour tour and Bartle was our tour guide. He was pleasant, informative and funny. We saw what we wanted to see and enjoyed a pint at the end of the tour! I saw other tour companies working with huge groups. I am certain they did not get the attention or the great information that we did. If you want to learn about Dublin and its history, ask for Bartle. If we go to Dublin again, we’ll be asking for him. I would give more stars if I could!​

Tennessee, USA, 14 October 2018
Trinity's Parliament Square - Dublin Tour

What are your pet peeves, personally?

People in a group addressing the group on their past experiences on other tours which impacts on their current tour.

What place in Dublin is favourite site, and why?

I like bringing clients through Powerscourt House and explaining Wingfield family history which serves as an introduction to the Flight of the Earls which I cover in Dublin Castle and also the Winter Parliament Season in Dublin prior to the Act of Union.

What are the talents that you demonstrate during your tours?

Knowledge, Humour, Customer Care, Storytelling and building Group Dynamic.

What do you most enjoy besides tour guiding?

Gardening, Ancient Belief Systems, Sports and Current Affairs.

What has surprised you recently about Dublin? What have you learned recently or came across recently, strolling through a lane you’re never walked through, or a new cinema/art gallery/scene?

The apartments on Bride St that have carved reliefs of scenes from Gulliver’s Travels.

What is your favourite travel destination (in Ireland or abroad)?

Peloponnese in Greece.

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