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Being a travel agent is hard work. Let us try to make it easier for you.

We’ve created a special email series just for travel agents. 

We’ve divided the series into three main areas:

  1. Challenges Travel Agents face
  2. Upgrading your clients experiences from good to outstanding!
  3. Interesting content about Irish life and culture

Once you sign up, you’ll find a lot of valuable info in it which will provide key insights to help you build your travel agency. It’s also a great way to become more familiar with Dublin and Ireland, how to sell them and what activities we recommend. 

As one of the top tour operators in Dublin, we have a good insight into the city, what makes an excellent private tour operator (to keep your clients happy), and what makes a great tour partner/provider (to keep you happy). 

This lesson will bestow you with the tools you need to find similar partners elsewhere in the world – we know you’d prefer to work with local experts who are a dream to work with, deliver fantastic experiences for your clients and, therefore, keep your clients coming back to you (in the email series, we cover how to ensure that your clients remain loyal to you).

Some of the topics you can expect

  • Handling client expectations, then exceeding them
  • Soft skills & strategies to help strengthen your credibility as a leader and travel advisor. 
  • Strategies to increase client loyalty and boost profits 
  • Avoid competing on price by emphasising what brings unique value
  • When offering fewer options is better
  • Getting the most out of a destination
  • Green, and the future of Tourism.
  • No scripts, no strangers, and no bad reviews
  • Client Loyalty Strategies
  • Irish Pubs
  • Irish Music, Dance and Writers
  • Why having a friend reduces FOMO for travellers
  • The Story of Irish Independence
  • Traditional Food, Clothing, Sports & TV
  • Guide-focused tours Vs. product-focused tours
  • Service Standards – How To Improve Them
  • Best Experiences Are Unscripted

Sign up today for this unique chance to both help your business and learn about Ireland.

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  • Why choose Dublin Tour Guide

    Why should you choose to work with Dublin Tour Guide over other suppliers in Dublin?

    There are so many reasons why Dublin Tour Guide is a cut above the rest. Below, you can see we’ve made this easy for you by focusing on what you need and want from a tour supplier.

    Your clients are precious. We know that. You need someone who you can trust to do right by them and right by you.

    Typical suppliers Dublin Tour Guide
    Your Needs – Basic Local Experts Offer tours in as many locations as they can sell and will generally be only ‘good enough’ in those areas. We are the experts in Dublin because we only focus on delivering tours in Dublin
    Quality of Tour services Offer many different cookie-cutter tours that might only ‘tick the boxes’ Offers a select few tours that have been crafted and perfected just for small private groups
    Quality of Tour Guides Might hire any qualified guide from a big pool, with no attention to the reputation or standards of the guide. We have a small select team of exceptional guides who we have trained to the highest level.
    Availability Dependant on their other sources of clients Focuses only on private tours so availability is reserved
    Your Needs – Advanced Quality As long as there are no complaints, the quality is fine Wants to give your clients the best tour they’ll ever have, so a 4/5 rating is not good enough
    Dependability If problems occur, they might not have someone in the vicinity. When you call the staff don’t know what’s happening and it could take you a few calls to get through to the right person. We are based in Dublin so can easily call out to solve a problem. One phone call will get you through to Garvan, the boss, right away. 
    Consistency Some tours and guides get 5/5 reviews some of the time, but not all of the time. We get 5/5 reviews 98.5% of the time. See our TripAdvisor page.
    Loyalty Might consider selling the traveller their tours directly when they meet in person – going over your head. 

    If a traveller asks for a guide recommendation somewhere else, they will endeavour to give them the guide’s direct contact details.

    Always respectful of your itinerary.

    If travellers ask to recommend a guide in another area, we will instead tell them to ask you (if we know that you have a recommendation) so that they will book your services again rather than going to a guide directly.

    Win-Win Relationship If your past client books a tour with them, they might accept the booking and not mention it to you. If your past client books a tour with us, we’ll pay you the 10% commission that you would have received had they booked with you. This is because we value our relationship with you.
    Easy to do business with Might only offer prices in the local currency, leading you to figure out your net revenue for every quote. Can give you annual tour prices in your currency as well our local currency (Euro)
    Premium desires Guides’ attitude towards the clients “I have to bring them where they want to go, tell them some info, and then I’m done” “I want to make this experience special for them. This is a unique opportunity to inspire them about Ireland and give them the best tour they’ll ever have.”
    Guide’s competence at delivering private tours Offer public, shared and private tours We only offer private tours – our guides are used to a higher standard, and are far more skilled at customising such tours
    Choice of Guides Your tour might be assigned a guide you’ve never heard of and you have no idea about their personality. We have a small team of great guides. They have their profiles on our website so you can choose. Any guide we work with has to meet strict standards. Learn more here
    Suitability of tours for your type of clients Offer as many tours to appeal to as many people as possible We know who our target demographic is and so only offer tours that we know they would love. 
    Quality of choice Offer as many tours as they can. Some are great, some are mediocre. Only offer tours that have been crafted to deliver a 5-star experience every time. 
    Priorities The tour product – create an attractive product and people will book it The guide – train an exceptional guide so that every client will write a glowing review to entice people to book the tour.
    Value for each participant Want to optimise the number of people per tour to earn more revenue Want to optimise the quality of connection felt by each person in a tour and so prefer fewer people per group.
    Commitment to customer satisfaction Hopes for 5/5 reviews, but is happy with 4/5 or 3/5 Work hard to ensure every tour results in a 5/5 review. Give a refund if the traveller gives less than a 5/5 review


    You can trust us and build a relationship with us because we are small, dedicated and specialised. We have a small team of committed tour guides and admins who have been with us for five years or more.

    Why work with anyone but the experts – we specialise in private tours of Dublin. This means that when you think of Dublin, think of Dublin Tour Guide.

    Call us today to ask about a Zoom virtual tour so you can see the personality, knowledge and charm of our guides.

  • Learn more about Dublin Tour Guide

    We have created a brochure that has no branding so that you can easily forward it to your clients. That’ll be Dublin taken care of! 

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Dublin Tour Guide
Dublin Tour Guide

“They may forget what you said…but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

Carl W. Buehner​

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