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Advice from Garvan: I chose this for the first date with my wife, Vini. It turned out to be a great first date activity. The evening ending with me being called up to the stage for the improv comics to serenade me with “Tour Guide on a chair” to the tune of “Strangers in the Night” (even the comedians still recall that!). This hilarious evening is every Wednesday. Not a huge venue so a wonderfully intimate setting. Most famous comedians have been disappointing compared to Laughter Lines which always results in laugh-out-loud comedy, and even sometimes has me in tears of laughter.



To get the most out of your trip to Ireland, you have to do your research. Our fun and informative articles make it easy to learn about Dublin and Ireland so that you can make your trip the best it can be.

Why You Should Really Go to Belfast

Belfast is a strange place. It’s nearly a non place. Its history is scattered and shattered like a jigsaw puzzle blown apart, with less than half of the picture in place 20 years ago and still a work in progress. You will see this all around: in the patchwork of Belfast’s street art, eclectic and not conventionally pretty architecture.

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Saving Money in Dublin – Food & Drink

Now, if you’re going to go into the place and spend money because you’re famished, lost or hungover and don’t care about the deals right now, just remember to ask them: “Do you have a loyalty card?”Start collecting these suckers from everywhere – nearly all cafés have them and some pubs do as well.

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What to Do in Dublin with Children, Teenagers, Rascals

Despite the fact that Dublin does not boast a Disneyland or a Legoland, Irish children do not simply sit at home and dig potatoes out in the yard all year round. Irish countryside is a fantastic place to let your kids run free, scramble on abandoned castle walls, chase the sheep and explore the surroundings.

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What to Do in Dublin When it Rains

Credit: Dublin Town Stories You might feel that there isn’t anything to do other than the pub when it rains. You are absolutely right: that’s how some Irish people who are overly fond of a drink excuse their habit. Rain is something we have to accept if we live in Ireland.

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