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Work with Us 

Dublin’s top-rated (TripAdvisor) Private Walking Tour company seeks new additions to our small team of tour guides. If you are enthusiastic, dynamic, highly personable, and professional, our high quality clients need you. We pride ourselves in delivering a tour experience that far exceeds the client’s expectations. Please read our TripAdvisor reviews to better understand our devotion to customer satisfaction.

“I would highly recommend working with Dublin Tour Guide. I worked with the company back from 2015-2022 and have learned so much from Garvan about the art of tour guiding over the years. I know it’s not normally seen as an “art”, but with Garvan there is a certain approach that is unique to DTG. He prioritises each guide’s own unique personality and skills and asks that they do not shy away from these unique traits and skills during their tours. The clients that book DTG are looking for an experience, not for a lecture. If you enjoy poetry, singing, acting, or architecture for example, he would always be open to exploring these with your clients. There is also no “set” route as such. In this way the tour becomes an open book, a creative experience for the guide, and no two tours are ever the same. This keeps the experience fresh at all times, both for the client and the guide. The company is constantly adapting, adding new tours, expanding, changing processes and marketing, but it always keeps the client at its core. How do we provide the best service to everyone that books a tour with DTG, while also making the experience as enjoyable for the guide as possible?! Garvan knew early that if the guide isn’t enjoying it, then neither will the client. He is therefore constantly looking to freshen things up, and arranges multiple outings with the guides to see what is new in Dublin for tourists. These outings also work towards creating a team spirit in DTG. Sometimes guides may feel a bit solitary in their work, but with DTG you will always feel part of a bigger picture, a team moving forward together. “

Cathal Sheahan, tour guide with Dublin Tour Guide 2013-2023

Dublin Tour GuideProfessional Requirements

  • At least 1 year experience guiding, preferably in Dublin, and preferably doing walking tours.
  • At least a Bachelor of Arts, preferably in one of the degrees that complements tour guiding.
  • Significant study of history/sociology/tourism books that develop an appreciation of one’s content, context, country, culture as well as those of their client – the tourist.
  • Can demonstrate that you can deliver tours to a very high standard through testimonials: TripAdvisor, direct feedback from customers, companies’ references etc.
  • Great knowledge of Dublin, Irish culture and history. – Excellent communication skills.
  • Emotional maturity, e.g. ability to remain calm and collected when dealing with difficult guests.
  • Lived in a non-English speaking country.

Dublin Tour GuidePersonal Requirements

  • Easy to work with – Must be flexible and willing to adapt and learn, technologically savvy, open to new systems and be attentive and organized in your communication.
  • Personality – Your personality should be vibrant, energetic and extroverted. You must naturally desire to talk and connect with people of all backgrounds and you should be dynamic and varied in the way you interact with different people.
  • Attitude and belief – As a tour guide your raison d’être must be to strive to give every client the greatest tour they’ve ever had. You also must believe that being a tour guide is a wholly fulfilling and satisfying job, but that it’s not just a job, but a reflection of everything you are.

Dublin Tour GuideWhat we offer

  • A Nurturing Environment – Our philosophy is to facilitate a positive symbiotic environment where everyone can share and thrive. Each guide shares books, articles and knowledge with the group on a casual basis. The company endeavours to make each guide’s experience with the company, and with the clients, as pleasant and satisfactory as possible. Our mission is to give you complete job fulfillment.
  • Training – Complementary tour guide training to enable you to advance from the standard/common level of training. We will facilitate your development in order to deliver tours to a very high standard, consistently.
  • High Guiding Fees – Compensation in the form of a percentage of the tour revenue rather than a small flat fee, like what most companies offer. This means that when the company thrives, the guide thrives.
  • Convenience and Flexibility – As a self-employed freelance tour guide, you decide which tours you’d like to do. Tours are normally booked 2-8 months in advance which is perfect for planning your own schedule. We all work from a shared Google calendar, where you can see each tour and claim whichever one suits. Claiming tours couldn’t be easier.

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If you’re interested in working with Dublin Tour Guide, we’d be delighted to hear from you.
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This will enable us to evaluate your suitability. We receive enquiries for many different types of tours so there is likely a particular tour that best suits your skills, experience and preferences.
(You might not have qualifications, training or experience yet. That’s ok. We might be able to train you and enable you to gain official qualification as a tour guide.)

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