The Netherlands – Dutch Culture Tours 

The Netherlands – Dutch Culture Tours 

Dutch Culture Tours.

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Ton van Garderen

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  • Connection

    Back in November 2020, in the depths of COVID, I reached out to many guides around Europe in the hope of bonding together and synergising our efforts to survive COVID. Ton replied promptly and shared with me an idea he had called Dine with a Guide. Since the start of 2021, we have been working together on this project and are both very passionate about its potential. Ton have had regular chats nearly every week and have really gotten to know each other. We have both been amazed by how frictionless our partnership in growing Dine with a Guide has been. I am grateful for Ton as a business partner, but he’s become much more than that. He’s a real friend.

  • Why I love what he's doing

    Ton is a rarity in the world of tour guides. He has been guiding since the mid-90s but still hasn’t lost the passion, nor is he of the ‘old tourism’ – complacent and robot-like, spurting information like a machine – he has the energy and enthusiasm that every visitor would love to experience! He’s very well-educated, well-travelled, linguistically-talented (he speaks English, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch fluently), and most importantly, he has a fantastically authentic temperament and personality.

  • Tour to recommend

    Highlights Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum. – be sure to check out some of Ton’s virtual tours on HeyGo as well as on his youtube channel: Guide Ton van Garderen – YouTube

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Carl W. Buehner​

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